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Consider the problem of a musician whose hands are busy playing their instrument. It is very disruptive to stop playing simply to turn the page. Although digital sheet music does not have loose pages, the user must still tap a key or swipe the screen to turn pages.

A need clearly exists for a hands-free solution. With the tap of a pedal on the PageFlip Firefly or PageFlip Cicada, the musician can now have full confidence that only one page will be turned at a time in either the forward or reverse directions.

If you need to turn pages of a conventional book, try our PageFlip Lite mechanical page turner. Simply attach up to 10 sheets to dedicated page turning arms and tap a wireless pedal to turn pages in either direction. Great for music practice or for people with disabilities.


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Yes. However, the pedal only works with iPad apps that accept keyboard commands. The most popular compatible apps are Forscore, unrealBook, and Deepdish Gigbook. Click here for the full list of compatible apps ...
Yes. However, the pedal only works with Android apps that accept keyboard commands. Currently, this is limited to MobileSheets, SongBook, Fakebook, Lyrics Flipper+, Moon+ Reader, EBookDroid, Cool Reader, and ezPDF Reader....
The Firefly/Cicada dual pedal emulates a keyboard that emits two key presses. The function of those keys is determined by the five mode buttons. Any software on a PC or Mac will be able to interpret these key presses, whether they were triggered by tapping the pedal or any computer keyboard. ...
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